Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stolen Holidays

It's the weekend!


And not just any 'ole weekend!  Nope.
It's the weekend before Thanksgiving!
It's the final days of the countdown before the grand celebration of the entire year!

This day is very special to Madie and I.  Like most families, we celebrate the day with family and friends.  We acknowledge all the blessings that we have had heaped upon us for the year. And, we gladly open our hearts and souls to those around us who are struggling through difficult times, just as we are.

Madie and I remember one Thanksgiving that was expecially difficult for us.   We had celebrated with family, but Madie had begun to run a fever, so it was off the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite to visit the ER.  At that time, Madie was on chemotherapy for her Cancer Leukemia and we had to be extra careful about any high fevers.   Sadly, that night, Madie was admitted and we had no idea how long she was to stay in the hospital.  UGH!!  Madie had her heart set on the "Black Friday" shopping at 6:00am, but alas, it was not meant to be!  She wound up staying for four days, going home just in time to start back to school and work.  It was as if we had skipped over the entire holiday and did nto have the special time to celebrate it!  We missed it so much!  It was like someone had stolen our holiday and walked out the door with it in their pocket!  We could never get it back.

Now on each Thanksgiving, we have that memory of our 'stolen' holiday to hold dear to our hearts and use it as a yard stick to measure against all our future holidays to come!  If something sressful or disheartening happens, we just think back to that Thanksgiving and realize that our current situation is not near as terrible as that one was!

Sadly, we have many friends who have "Stolen Holidays" in their past, present and future!  With that in mind, Madie and I try very hard to give back to those Childhood Cancer Groups who have helped us get through the journey all in one piece!   Now is your chance to help other families keep their holidays!

One great organization is the the Cancer Warriors for Christmas!  You can help by becoming a Cancer Warriors Christmas Angel .  I can't even begin to Chrismas Angel or make a donation to help fund the other items that they will bring to the hospital for all the children that have to be stuck there during the holidays!  Madie *LOVED* her Christmas Angels!!  She still talks about them to this day!

And, it was not just Thanksgiving that was 'stolen' away.  In 2003, Madie spent the week after Christmas and then the week of New Years in the hospital.  The nurses were so wonderful, and Madie even dressed up in her Princess Outfit, and we blew bubbles to celebrate with a Happy New Year!    But, there are so many things that you miss out on when you are stuck in the hospital!  By helping the Cancer Warriors, you are helping familes get through their 'stolen' holidays together!

Thank you guys for thinking of Madie and I!  We are truely grateful for all our friends and families!  You have have Angel Wings coming, for sure!!  Have a super weekend!!

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  1. Oh yeah, Regina and Madie!! So glad when I stopped by your CB page tonight and found this new blog. Cool beans.... I am still learning on posting my blog and I wrote up a blog tonight about our "CatieElf", but didn't really know how to put a "link" up on my site about her. She was a fabulous little girl that I never got to meet in person, but whom I felt like I knew. Today, sadly, a little 19-month-old that comes in my office was diagnosed with leukemia. About a month ago, we had a 15-month-old with something similiar, but not exactly leukemia. LCH? something like that, but they treat it with chemo and such. I ran home and immediately hugged and kissed my Tori-bug b/c you never know what tomorrow will bring. I have been doing peds for over 6 years now and to have two kids in one month about did me in. Regina- you are such an inspiration to me. You have had tons of struggles as a single mom and raising a beautiful daughter and I am just encouraged when you want to "give" back to help others during the holidays that also are struggling. I feel like I could do tons more. I am going to look into the Christmas Angel project and see what I could do. Any suggestions for helping the two newly diagnosed kids in my office from a caring nurse? I would like to help them somehow, just to let them know that it is going to be a long difficult road, but that I care. I will tell them about CB although I think the hospitals will do it as well b/c that is just a good outlet and a good way to keep people informed. Maybe gas cards for traveling back and forth? Parking passes at the hospital?
    I love you girls and I always think of you.